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Durex reohmynder


Many people don't know that condoms have an expiration date. So, they end up storing them for years and using the expired ones, which, obviously, has consequences.


Product Idea:

Even if your passion doesn't have an expiration date, your condoms do. And Durex will remind you to check it.

Durex Reohmynder is a new smart packaging that changes within time, showing you the consequences of expired condoms use: STIs, yeast infection, and unwanted pregnancy. So when the expiration day comes — you’ll see you shouldn’t.



To encourage people to check the condoms they already have, we install the Best Before Date machines, where they can exchange their expired condoms for the new ones. The Machines will be promoted among newly registered or returned dating apps users. 

Reohmynder fashion collection: To make the most out of the expired condoms, Durex will turn them into a sustainable latex fashion collection, presented at a fashion show, featuring latex-loving icons like Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Sydney Sweeney.


Durex Reohmynder. For passion with no expiration.

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