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Donate your Drama


If the holiday season is famous for one thing, it's family drama.

So let's give these stories the stage they deserve.



This year's holiday season, Prime Video invites its viewers to Donate their holiday family drama stories, so that they will become Christmas episodes of their favorite Prime Video Original shows.


How it works:

  1. Visit, promoted on Prime Video starting from 1 November.

  2. Submit your story to the show you like the most. Don't forget to include pictures of yourself and your family.

  3. Receive a personalised AI-generated trailer based on your story with you as the main character.

  4. Share the trailer on your social media and invite all your friends to vote for it.


On 25 December, Prime Video fans will find out whose stories made it to the Christmas episodes of the shows; some stories may even get a separate movie. But the coolest part is, all the winners will be credited as co-creators of the shows, thereby giving their dramas well-earned attention.

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