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I've had a chance to try myself out in a variety of creative fields: from TikTok production and scriptwriting to building app prototypes. 
I have no limits when it comes to trying myself out in some new field. Here you can see some examples of my creative journey.

Like Me Influencer Agency

Online educational platform targeting children of the age of 6-14. 
In today’s world, many kids dream of building a career in the social media field, and LikeMe help them do it. Being the only official partner of the Likee app Russia (80.7 million monthly active users) LikeMe agency assists young influencers and makes sure they create quality content by providing them package services consisting of unique content plans, mentorship and LikeMe house subscription.

I've created visual content for social media channels and was a part of an event-organisation team.

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While working for this influencer & social media-focused agency my main responsibilities were concept development and production assistance of TikTok advertising campaigns for FMCG and B2C clients involving one of the biggest Russia-based TikTok houses - House 88. (Estimated followers count of all house residents - 20M followers).



I've also handled TikTok & Instagram Reels content creation and scriptwriting for influencers (most successful video reached 600k+ views).

Example: TikTok couple focused on humorous relationship content:

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For this UK-based automobility startup I was responsible for planning and executing all brand communications across digital media channels to achieve a sustained flow of high quality, on-brand press releases, blog articles, and social media posts.

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